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Memory Card Recovery


"I can't thank you enough for recovering

my images. I thought my vacation

photos were lost forever!"


Is your memory card not working correctly? Were your images deleted before you had a chance to save them to another device? With our dedicated software, we're usually able to recover deleted, scrambled, corrupted or lost images and videos from memory cards, even from cards that have been reformatted. For the best chance of recovery, however, we advise you to STOP taking any more photos on your memory card or you risk overwriting your previous images.


There is a non-refundable fee of $25 for our file recovery service, and an additional charge depending on how many images are recovered. There is no additional fee beyond the intial $25 if we are unable to recover your images.


Once recovery is complete, we will tranfer your recovered images to a CD or DVD, giving you access to your photos and videos once more.


File Recovery


  • Set up fee $25
  • Additional charge, based on # of images recovered:

1-50 images $25

51-200 images $35

201-500 images $45

501-999 images $55

1000+ images $65












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In 1939, Stanley Kufta launched a commercial photography and photo supply business on Peck Street...

Create personalized gifts and photo keepsakes using your favorite family photos. Our templates make it easy!

Need a passport photo, camera rental or DVD slideshow? Check out the wide variety of photo services we offer.

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